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TWiT Shows Join DMR Lineup

DMR is adding several new shows to its line-up, thanks to the TWiT Netcast Network.

Sexy Saturdays - Cosplay Round-Up v.1

Our weekly Round-Up of Cosplay! Enjoy! (NSFW)

World of Warcraft Guild 'The Dark Militia' Dings 8 Years Old

This may be a bit of inside baseball, but we wanted to give a big "props" to <The Dark Militia> on Dunemaul Server of WoW, for existing for 8 years now.

Xbox One Release Date May Be Leaked Via Amazon

The release date for Microsoft's Xbox One Gaming Console may have been leaked via e-commerce site Amazon.

Need Legal Assistance For An Accident In California?

Have you been in an Accident somewhere in California? Farar & Lewis LLP can help.

YouTube - The Facts

YouTube. We all use it, we all love it. Let's learn more about it!

Increase Profits & Boost Your Online E-commerce - Maria Johnsen SEO

SEO is important for any website. Learn how to Increase Profits and Boost Your Online E-commerce with an SEO (Search Engine Optimization/Optimizer) Provider.

DMR Android Tablet Giveaway

Digital Mayhem Radio is giving away an Android Tablet Prize Pack to one lucky Winner! Learn More & Enter Now!

Female Gamers - More Women Play Games Than You Might Think

So legend says games are for boys. It has been proven though, that females are gamers as well, especially if they are over 18 years old.

Blizzard's 'Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft' Beta Now Live On PC

Much anticipated Digital TCG 'Hearthstone' is now in Live Beta stage for PC Platform.

Blizzard's App now in Open Beta

Blizzard has launched the Beta for its App for PC and Mac. Learn about the cool features and conveniences it offers.

Calories - The Facts

A very neat infographic, all about calories!

World of Warcraft Patch 5.4 Feature: “Connected Realms”

Blizzard has announced the big feature that they hinted about a while back. This feature, formerly known as “Virtual Realms”, aims at facilitating more enjoyable gameplay on low population realms. It will be launched sometime after the initial release of Patch 5.4.

Tiny Tail or Tall Tale? Ke$ha Says She Was Born With A 'Tail'

Pop Singer Ke$ha claims she was born with a small tail. Tiny Tail a Tall Tale? You Decide.

Kid with BB Gun Robs Other Kids' Lemonade Stand

Authorities say a 12-year-old boy armed with a BB gun robbed a 10-year-old who was running a lemonade stand in western Pennsylvania.

Ke$ha Launches Line Of Jewelry, Features Teeth And Penises

Ke-dollar-ha is up to more crazy antics, and has launched a new line of jewelry heavily featuring teeth and penises.

Starbucks' WiFi Goes Google

Google and Starbucks are teaming up to provide amazingly fast public Wi-Fi, for free!

A Modern & Healthy Spin On An Old Habit - EC 24/7 For Life

We all know smoking is a bad, and unhealthy habit, but, what if there was a way to enjoy the benefits without the drawbacks? EC 24/7 For Life has got you covered.

12 Things You Don't Know The Name Of

We bet you did not know the actual names of these 12 things!

Media Player Tune In Arrives To DMR!

The moment you have been waiting for has arrived! You can now listen to DMR.FM via your favourite media players! Learn More...

Noah Announces Release of New Single 'No More Angels'


Rosme's Summer Games List

Summer is here, it's hot, and gamer such as us don't want to go outside and dwell in the heat. Instead we want to play games. And what better than starting our summer with a few new games?

Dunemaul World of Warcraft Celebrity Found Dead

World Of Warcraft's Dunemaul Server grieves as it loses one of it's most accomplished and well-known players.

DMR Starts Guild in MMORPG 'Scarlet Blade'

Digital Mayhem Radio has established a new foothold in Free-To-Play MMORPG 'Scarlet Blade'. Join us, wont you?

What Gaming Platform Do You Prefer?

As we come closer to the end of 2013 and the launch of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, the debate about which gaming platform is better continues to rage on throughout the internet.

10 Most Common Profile Pics.. And Their Meaning

What does your online profile photo say about you?

Chronological Evolution of Daft Punk's Get Lucky

PV NOVA has made this amazing chronological evolution cover of Daft Punk's hit song 'Get Lucky'

The Child Safety Project - Child Safety ID Kits

We take a look at The Child Safety Project, which is doing very important work, to help keep children safe, by means of preparedness & availability of critical information, in the event of a missing child.

Sony PlayStation 4 Used Games Policy

Sony has decided to take the opposite approach of Microsoft when it comes to used games.

End Of Rainbow Found; No Pot Of Gold Confirmed

A very rare photo of the end of a rainbow, confirms there is indeed, no pot of gold.

World of Warcraft Patch 5.4 - Flexible Raids

With declining subscriber numbers and a fast evolving market, Blizzard is doing what they can to provide content for all types of people in World of Warcraft.

Dumb Song Lyrics

Some artists seemingly don't put a lot of effort into their lyrics, and spew out some pretty redundant nonsense. Here are a few notable examples of such.

Poll Of The Week: Ads - Scattered or Clustered?

In this DMR Poll Of The Week, we would like to know which way you would like to hear ads, in blocks, or spread out.

Grumpy Cat Going To Hollywood

Tardar Sauce AKA 'Grumpy Cat', the iconic feline that took the internet by storm, is moving to the big screen.

Xbox One Summed Up By GIFs

The unveiling of the Xbox One has been rife with drama and bad PR. In this article we sum it all up in GIF form.

You Are The Social Media You're Using

An infographic on the personalities of various Social Networking Sites.

Twitter Protest Against DRM On PlayStation 4 Results in Heartfelt Response From Sony

Unlike Microsoft, Sony has decided to truly care about what their fans have to say, assuring those concerned about DRM, that they are listening, and are happy for the feedback.

Microsoft Blames Press For Confusion Regarding Used Games on 'Xbox One'

It appears that Microsoft's policy regarding used games on the Xbox One is less clear than originally thought, and Microsoft blames the press for drawing the wrong conclusions.

Xbox 360 Games Won't Work On Xbox One

Microsoft has decided not to focus on backwards compatibility, and current generation Xbox games will not work on the new Xbox One.

Call To Action: Rating Songs

Part of what makes DMR work so well is listener interaction. Without it, things quickly go awry. Find out how to rate songs & what it affects.

Poll Of The Week: How Much Of Your Music Listening Is DMR?

In this Poll Of The Week, we want to know what percent of your time spent listening to music, is coming from Digital Mayhem Radio.

The Future Is Friendly

A lot of what we hear about modern times are tales of doom and gloom, everything is too expensive, jobs are too scarce, pollution, etc. Well, let's change things up with a more positive look...

Nintendo Puts A Stop To Gay Marriage In Their Game, Calls It ‘Human Relations That Become Strange’

The Nintendo Game 'Tomodachi Collection: New Life' for the 3DS will no longer allow gay marriage, according to Nintendo's latest bug fix, calling it 'Human Relations that become strange'.

Poll Of The Week: Music - PC or Mobile?

We would like to focus our efforts to improve Tune In Options on the Platform you use most. Vote in our Weekly Poll to have your say!

Cartoon Logic

Cartoons often portray things which can be considered totally lacking of any sort of logic, but we generally overlook this, because, well, it's a Cartoon!

The Smartphone Debate: Where do you stand?

Smartphones are undeniably becoming a huge part of our society. Nearly everywhere you look you will see someone surfing the web or playing a game on their phone. As they become more integrated into our life the debate about which operating system is best becomes more heated.

Coffee: The Facts

Some interesting facts, information, and trivia, regarding the hot beverage we all know and love; Coffee!

DJ Sev Plays & Explains: Star Trek Armada 2: Fleet Operations

DJ Sev takes a little look at an under-appreciated RTS Game: Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations.

15 Creepiest Broken GIFs

We all know and love animated GIFs. They help us see things that a picture alone cannot convey. But sometimes, those GIFs do not work out as planned...

27 Amazingly Designed Product Packages

We scoured the internets, and collected for you, our 27 Top picks for most amazingly designed product packages! Enjoy!

10 Random Video Game Facts

We bring you.. 10 Random Video Game Facts, which are sure to shock, surprise, and amuse.

Watch Out, Siri! Google Now Invades iOS Devices

Google has launched it's Personal Assistant App 'Google Now' onto iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices.

'Game Dev Tycoon' Sim Teaches Gamers Not To Pirate

Gamers who illegally downloaded the Sim 'Game Dev Tycoon' were taught a valuable lesson about software piracy.

Top 10 Failed Social Networks

We bring you this very cool Infographic, highlighting the Top 10 Failed Social Networking Websites, and why.

Taylor Swift Facts: The Infographic

A quick Infographic which sums up some interesting (and funny) facts about music sensation Taylor Swift.

Lesser Known Rover Draws Penis On Mars, Goes Viral

When we say Mars Rover, you probably think of Curiousity. Well, Spirit and Opportunity have been on the red planet over 9 years, and now have accidentally drawn a penis on the surface.

The DMR 3.0 Project Update

As you may know, DMR is undergoing some major changes to improve our services for you and all our listeners, but, we need your help!

What Is CISPA, And Why You Should Care - Infographic

We present to you a very helpful infographic which will quickly clarify what CISPA is, how it affects you, and what you can do about it.

Challenging Games For Gamers: Part 4 - Battletoads

Hello all you DMR faithful. PR representative Six here bringing you another installment of that popular series Challenging Games for Gamers. This week we take a look at: Battletoads

Xbox 360 & Kinect's Pizza Hut App Lets You Gesture, Yell, For Pizza

Pizza Hut has rolled out a new app for Xbox 360 & Kinect, which allows users to order delivery via voice commands and hand gestures.

Anonymous Calls For Internet Blackout To Protest CISPA

Anonymous has called for an Internet blackout in protest of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), which would make it legal for websites to give your personal info to the Government without permission.

EA Pulling Plug On 'SimCity Social' & Other Facebook Games

EA is claiming that 'activity has fallen off' for it's line of Sim-Based Facebook games, and as such, is pulling the plug on them as of June 14th 2013.

'Google Glass' Terms Of Service Bans Sharing & Resale *UPDATED*

Developers who are receiving a pair of Google Glass, are now receiving a strict TOS to accompany it, which prohibits sharing the device with others, or reselling it.

DMR Weekly YouTube Round-Up

Here is our round-up of videos produced by Digital Mayhem Radio, via YouTube, for this week.

Facebook Reportedly To Launch 15-second Autoplay Ads, Occupying Space Around News Feed

Sources close to the matter say, this summer Facebook will be launching 15-Second Duration Autoplaying Ads, which will take up the space to the left and right of your News Feed.

24 Epic Lifehacks

Check out our collection of 24 Lifehacks. What is a Lifehack? A tool or technique that makes some aspect of one's life easier or more efficient.

Challenging Games For Gamers: Part 3

Hello all you DMR faithful. Public Relations Representative 'Six' here, bringing you this week's Challenging Games For Gamers segment. This week we take a look at...

Sev Reviews 'Facebook Home' for Android

Our very own Sev gives a brief overview/review of 'Facebook Home' Launcher App for Android. Video, Screenshots, and more! Find out if this app is for you, how to install, and how to disable.

15 Best Reaction GIFs

Our picks for the 15 best Reaction GIFs. Old favourites, new contenders, and a few obscure references, we have put together an interesting collection of GIFs.

Fake 'Facebook Home' Apps Scam Hundreds

Fake 'Facebook Home' Apps have started popping up in the Google Play store, claiming to be the legitimate Facebook Home App, and charging $1.00 or more for the App.

PSY's New Single Leaked! [Updated]

Internet Pop Sensation PSY is BACK! His new Song 'Gentleman' has been leaked online, and is spreading like WILDFIRE! We've got the details, and the song, here for you to check out!

Neat Net: Facts And Chicks

In this edition of Neat Net, the segment where we bring you crazy, interesting, and weird content from the far corners of the internet, we take a look at FactsAndChicks!

Review of 'The Goodfellas' Self-Titled EP, By Chris Fisher

A comprehensive review of independent group 'The Goodfellas', and their Self-Titled EP. Article written by Chris Fisher, and brought to us via B's RSM Promotions.

Gaming Accessory 'Stinky Footboard' On Kickstarter

A Gaming Controller.. Controlled by your FEET?! Yes, it's true. Today we are taking a look at the Stinky Footboard. This product was just too cool for us to pass up on speaking about.
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Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to buy a new phone, or sign on to a rigid contract, just to switch mobile carriers - You can keep your own phone with

Call To Arms - Rating Songs on DMR.FM

It's important for listeners to use the Ratings Box on our Homepage & Tune In Page to give the songs we play a Rating of 1-5 Stars. This affects the Countdowns, and how often the songs play.

Microsoft's "Deal With It" Tweeter, Allegedly Resigns

Adam Orth, Microsoft Studios Creative Director allegedly resigns after the fallout from his #DealWithIt Tweet regarding XBox 720's supposed 'Always-On' Internet Connection DRM.