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Degauss Labs - Dual Driver Review

We got our hands on the 'Dual Driver' by Degauss Labs, and put it to the ultimate test!

Geek Or Nerd - Which Are You?

The world is always changing. And of course there are lots of different types of people in the world, but one basic question that often gets asked...what's the difference between a nerd and a geek?

What Colour Is This Dress? + Science Explains

This Dress has been going Viral. Here's why, plus the Science behind it.

Lina Fouro (L40) Releases New Album and Single

The Canadian Electronic/Pop sensation known as Lina Fouro (L4O) has released her Debut Album “The Love Cycle” and accompanying single, titled, “High,” to rave critical and fan reviews.

Microsoft's Got Its Mojo Back - Here's Why

Let's go over three big reasons Microsoft might be 'back'.

Nearly Half Of All Gamers Are Female - But Where Are They?

Nearly Half of the Gamer Population is Female, but why do so few (proportionately) play MMORPGs like WoW, LoL, and EVE?

DMR Music Showdown Round #2 - Amy Lee Vs. Tarja Turunen

Amy Lee returns for Round #2 of the DMR Music Showdown!

New EP 'Steampunk Cybercrunk' from Dataphiles

Steampunk Cybercrunk is the new EP from independent producer Dataphiles.

Cosplayer Highlight: Daisy Chain Cosplay

This week, we highlight the very talented Cosplayer 'Daisy Chain Cosplay'!

111 Weird Ways To Say 'Cool Story, Bro'

Because sometimes the classic phrase just doesn't cut it...

Everything We Really Need to Know About Social Media We Learned in Kindergarten

We live in a culture virtually enveloped by digital media, 24/7. For adults and children alike, social media has become central to our very identities...

Ruby Wizardry - An Introduction To Programming For Kids [Book]

Teaching Children to Code/Program has been getting a lot of attention recently. Here is a book which attempts to aid in this effort.

Have You Been Catfished? [An Infographic]

Catfishing is a very widespread practice on the Internet. Have you ever fallen victim to it?

Effects Of Being Perceived As Female In MMO's

Are Female Gamers, or even Female Characters treated differently than Male Gamers/Characters? In what ways? We investigate.

Tips for Sending Money to Family/Friends/Business in Australia

Applicable for travelers, expats, businesses and basically anyone who wishes to save money on currency exchanges.

Happy Holidays from DMR!

We wish you Happy Holidays!

Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara Review

Our very own DJ Rebecca Reviews a popular Beauty Product for us.

All About Shopping Online - An Infographic

It's holiday season, and chances are most of us are doing some gift shopping on eBay, Amazon, or other online storefronts, so here is an interesting Infographic about shopping online.

Montreal Mini Comic Con 2014

Our Photographer Celexxa recently covered Mini Comic Con in Montreal, Quebec.

Station News - DMR Chat Room Discontinued

It was a hard decision to make, but we've decided to retire the DMR Chatroom.

The Hardest Console Games Of 2014

2014 is coming to a close, so it is about time to do some recapping of the year's games.

Selfies - Digital Self-Portraits Are Changing The Face Of Photography

Central Michigan University professors of art and design Ren Hullender and Al Wildey have spent nearly a year analyzing approximately 4,500 Facebook profile photos, studying how selfies are reshaping the fine arts landscape as a popular and responsive photographic art form.

Ottawa Pop Expo 2014

DMR's Coverage of Ottawa's Pop Expo 2014. We roved the Convention Hall and photographed as many Cosplayers as we could find. Check it Out!

World of Warcraft Now Has Over 10 Million Subscribers

New expansion achieves day-one sell-through of more than 3.3 million copies

Brickfete Lego Fan Festival 2014

This past weekend, DMR attended Ottawa Brickfete, a Lego Fan Festival.

Today is National Unfriend Day on Facebook

Today is National Unfriend Day on Facebook, and here are 5 Personality Types who are likely getting the boot.

Updated: Wait For It... Warlords of Draenor Login Queues Frustrate Many

Players are having to wait in Queues to log into World of Warcraft, after the launch of hotly anticipated Warlords of Draenor Expansion.

Warcraft Players Are Stoked for Warlords of Draenor

Players are more excited than they have been in many years, for a World of Warcraft Expansion.

Trolls In Gaming

In this article we talk a little bit about Trolls who hang out in Games online.

Five Crazy Stories from Around the World - Post Halloween Round-Up

We've gathered five unique and crazy stories from around the world in recent months. We figured since Halloween just passed by, it was a good time to weird you guys out!

Canadian Indie Artist Highlight: Daniella Watters

Canadian award winning, Daniella Watters has been taking her career into her own hands as an indie artist with her eyes focused on the prize.

Online Dating - Silly, Or Sound?

Once again I (DJ Hel) come to you with another of my crazy analysis of life. This time the topic is no other than the old and well known complexities of dating...

Terrorist Attack In Ottawa & Power Outage Affected DMR Today

Unfortunately, we were Off the Air for about 6 Hours today due to events in our city.

Celebrating 4 Years of Broadcasting

This October marks DMR's fourth year of Internet Radio Broadcasting!

Digital Mayhem Roundtable - Episode 3 - Weird Foods & Cosplay Sexual Harassment

Episode 3 of Digital Mayhem Roundtable features DJ Sev (Host), DJ Hel (Co-Host) discussing Sexual Harassment in the Cosplay scene. We also eat some weird Kit-Kat Bars from Japan!

The Cosplay Of Ottawa Geek Market, Oct. 2014

Digital Mayhem Radio's Cosplay Photograpy from Ottawa Geek Market, October 2014.

Ottawa Geek Market - October 2014

Digital Mayhem Radio's Coverage of Ottawa Geek Market, for October 2014.

DJ Hel Visits China

Our very own DJ Hel took a trip to China, and tells us the impressive tale of her journeys there!

World of Warcraft Expansion Capped Servers: The Debate Rolls On

DMR Staffer 'Lurus' writes about the idea of Blizzard hosting Servers which are maintained in specific past Expansion states, and shares his views on the matter.

Man Makes His Ex'-Girlfriend Eat Her Pet Dog

A man in Redding, California cooked his ex-girlfriends dog, and fed it to her in a meal, without her knowledge.

Soon You Can Bring Deleted WoW Characters Back From The Dead

In an Upcoming Patch, World of Warcraft Players will be able to restore characters they have recently deleted.

Blizzard's Own 'WoW Killer', Project 'Titan', Cancelled After 7 Years In The Making

Blizzard Entertainment has announced the cancellation of their MMO codenamed Titan, which was designed to 'Eclipse' World of Warcraft.

Guys Playing Girl Avatars - One Gamer's View

I wanted to do an opinion piece about males playing female characters in online MMOs.

Attack! Boss! Cheat Code!: A Gamer’s Alphabet

This book is perfect whether you're a Gamer, a Gamer with Kids, or a Kid with Gaming-Clueless parents! Fun for the whole family.

Lego Lovers Rejoice! Minifigure Candy Molds & Ice Trays

Lego Minifigure & Building Block Ice Trays / Candy Molds allow quite a bit of creativity and family fun!

POPSCOPE Is Our Selfie Savior!

We recently tested a new device called POPSCOPE, which turns your phone into the ultimate Selfie Device.

World of Warcraft To Add In-Game Memorial To Robin Williams [UPDATED]

Robin Williams will live on in World of Warcraft via memorial NPCs.

We Proudly Support Child's Play Charity

We now convert YOUR Listening Hours into Charity Dollars and make a donation on your behalf each month! Get the details..

Join Our 'Tiny Tower: Vegas' Players Club!

We have a Players Club in Tiny Tower, and we'd love for you to join!

Technology and Nature - We Took The Tech Outdoors

This summer, we wanted to use Technology to enhance our experience outdoors. Here are the results.

DMR Has Been ALS Ice Bucket Challenged!

The Entire Staff of Digital Mayhem Radio has been Challenged to complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

We're In This Together - DMR Tackles Depression

The recent suicide of Robin Williams has raised the issue of Mental Health & Depression, especially among Gamers. We at DMR are here to discuss the issue and tell our personal stories.

Girlfriend Destroys Gamer's Laptop, Confuses WoW With Porn Addiction

A WoW Gamer's Girlfriend destroyed his laptop, not believing he spent all that time playing WoW, instead thinking it was a serious porn addiction.

DMR Relaunch & Improvements - We're Back!

DMR.FM has relaunched with many improvements. Get the details here and find out how we did it!

Photo Caption Contest - Winner Revealed!

DMR Photo Caption Contest Winner Revealed! As well as Honourable Mentions.

Facebook Group for DMR Gamers!

We've established a Facebook Group for DMR fans who want to connect in the games we play!

Massive Hardware Failure, We'll Be Back On Air Soon...

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. DMR will be back ON AIR in a few days. In the meantime, our Backup System will still air music.

World Of Tanks - Battle Replay Of The Week #4

New Battle Replay Of The Week made by Lurus. Enjoy! Want to appear in the Battle Replay Of The Week? Send the raw battle replay file in .wot format to

Community Feedback - What Are Your Summer Plans?

We're in the middle of summer, and we'd like to know how you are using technology to enhance your summer experience!

This 8-Bit Comic Will Send You On A Feels Trip

Side-scrollers are such sweet sorrow.

Sail Away With DJ Stormwolf

Getting close to a year ago, I started doing something that honestly I always wanted to do but never had the chance to, I became a DJ...

Microsoft Causes Service Outage For Millions of No-IP Users

Microsoft cracks down on Malware, but innocent users caught in the crossfire.

BORIS NOW - SHOUT, SHOUT feat. Ayo Mikeey & Jayy Starr

Boris Now presents his second single SHOUT, SHOUT!

'Highway To Hell' with 'DJ Hel' on DMR.FM

A little more than a year ago, I started doing something that honestly I never thought I would do, I became a DJ in an online radio station. I met awesome people on World of Warcraft who were also part of Digital Mayhem Radio. I started like a fan, then involved myself...

'Epic Rap Battles Of History' Gets Geeky, 'Sir Isaac Newton' & 'Bill Nye' Duke It Out

Could this be the best rap battle of all time? Oh, and Newton is played by Weird Al!

The State Of Gaming In 2014 has released a comprehensive Infographic on the State of Gaming in 2014.

Wisconsin Teen Girl Stabbed As Offering To 'Slenderman'

Two 12-year-old girls, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, were arrested on charges of attempted first-degree intentional homicide after allegedly trying to kill their mutual friend by stabbing her 19 times.

ChargeKey & ChargeCard - The World's Smallest Smartphone Cables

We got our hands on NOMAD's ChargeCard & ChargeKey MicroUSB Connectors. Check out our In-Depth Review of these products.

Desktop Guardians - Protecting Your PC

We all have those little figures that need to be next to us while at the PC. DMR Staff & DJs have shared with us what their Desktop Guardians are and what they mean.

Google Builds Their Own Self-Driving Car Prototype, No Steering Wheel or Pedals

Google now has Prototype Self-Driving Cars which operate safely on their own, without a Steering Wheel or Pedals.

Garagista Beer Commercial Depicts Hipster Culture Perfectly

Garagista has released a video announcing a new limited edition pale ale. The video; “The Hipster Hijacking”, has plenty of jokes towards the hipster culture (including vinyl records, selfies, and typewriters).

A Post-PC Era? Think Again.

In recent years, Tech Journalists have been on a Desktop PC Deathwatch, chanting that it's a "Post-PC Era". Here's why I think that is total garbage.

Over 600 Songs Added to DMR This Month!

We're always working to improve the station. This month we've added over 600 Songs to our Music Database.

Castor Double-Flavoured Toothpicks

It's not easy to get excited about Toothpicks, but Canadian Company 'PhoodStation' makes it happen, with Castor Double-Flavoured Toothpicks.
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Mobile Phones - Does Switching Carriers Have To Be So Hard?

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to buy a new phone, or sign on to a rigid contract, just to switch mobile carriers - You can keep your own phone with

Call To Arms - Rating Songs on DMR.FM

It's important for listeners to use the Ratings Box on our Homepage & Tune In Page to give the songs we play a Rating of 1-5 Stars. This affects the Countdowns, and how often the songs play.

Microsoft's "Deal With It" Tweeter, Allegedly Resigns

Adam Orth, Microsoft Studios Creative Director allegedly resigns after the fallout from his #DealWithIt Tweet regarding XBox 720's supposed 'Always-On' Internet Connection DRM.