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The Sims - Playing With Life For 16 Years

Sims has been around for 16+ Years. Here's a fun Infographic to put it in perspective.

Sims 3: Meet The Shmeeblers - Gaming With Emily Vee

Jake joins Emily Vee to help create the 'Shmeeblers', a household determined to rid their town of zombies, werewolves, vampires, and more! Do they have what it takes?! #Sims #Sims3 #gaming #streaming #letsplay #comedy

Over A Decade & WoW Is Still On Top

Released in 2004, World of Warcraft still enjoys a healthy Subscriber base to this day.

How Do People Experience Music Today?

How people experience music has changed drastically over the years.

Hacker Attack, Broadcast Issues, and Station Changes

We've been under siege by hackers, plus suffered stream issues from relocating hardware, and more station changes. Read on for details.

How To Have Sex With A Transgender Woman? My Personal Experiences and Thoughts

I'd like to offer some thoughts and experiences, and link to some resources, with regards to sexual intercourse, and trans women.

'King of SnapChat' Deleted by SnapChat For 'Flaunting Nudity'

One of snapchats most popular accounts was premaritally deleted by snapchat executives after receiving thousands of complaints from users who claimed they had watched a sex scene of a little person having sexual encounters with several females who were lurked into believing they were impressing a royal prince. 

Bros Behaving Badly - Internet Conduct Edition

DJ Hel comes to us with some comments on Internet Misconduct.

A Female Trapped In A Male's Body? I Don't Think So.

Today we talk about a common, yet inaccurate phrase used to describe Trans women.

What's It Like To Date A Trans Girl?

In this Video Episode, we discuss relationships with transgender people from a cis perspective.

Transphobic Laws, Perverted Lawmakers, and Backwards Bathrooms

Emily Vee talks a bit about how things are going across the border for Trans people.

Chronicles Of An EVE Online Newbie

So I recently started playing EVE Online. I wasn't sure what to expect at first. I wasn't sure....

Do Trans People Take Too Many Selfies?

Many people view Selfies as a negative thing. But they can be a powerful tool for Transgender people.

Can Hormones (HRT) Change Your Sexual Orientation?

In this video, Emily Vee discusses a little-discussed possible effect of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) for Trans people.

Station Owner Emily Vee Reads Mean Comments

I receive Transphobic comments every day, I decided it would be fun to read a few of them to you.

An Open Letter To Closeted Trans People

Do you feel your gender identity does not match your physical anatomy? Here are a few words I'd like to leave for you.

Director and Producer Tarik Freitekh Celebrates Amazing 16 Million Dollar Mansion With new Music Video Posted to Facebook

If you have it, why not show the world? Award winning director Tarik Freitekh agrees, recently bringing in pop star Yousef Arafat to film a music video in his 16 million dollar Beverly Hills mansion for the song “Ma'a Al Salama” - and the response to the video has been passionate.

Health Care Improvements For Transgender People in Ontario, Canada

There have been some subtle but significant changes with regards to Transgender health care processes in Ontario and Ottawa.

What Do We Tell The Ugly People? (Is It Wrong To Lie To Boost Someone's Self Esteem?)

I've always said, negative feedback is more valuable than positive, as it tells us what we can work to improve.

The Quest For Knowledge, One Approach For Enjoying Life

The bad, and the good, both are opportunities to learn, and that can be quite satisfying.

New White Teen Rapper 'Ben Sommers' Drops Hot New Single

Ben Sommers - new white boy hip hop artist with dope-ass lyrics and beats!

What Makes Us Who We Are? The Inane Ramblings of a Trans Girl

Are you what you do? What you wear? What you think? or What you say? Who are we, really.

Coffee Vs. Tea - Battle Of The Beverages

Let's discuss the benefits of Coffee & Tea. Which is better?

What's The Fastest Bike in Pop Culture?

We've looked at Starships, Weapons, but now it's time to definitively rank the Bikes of Pop Culture!

What Is The Most Powerful Sci-Fi Weapon? An Infographic

From Lightsabers to Photon Torpedoes, we look at the most powerful weapons that Sci-Fi has to offer.

What's The Fastest Sci-Fi Ship In The Galaxy?

This infographic lays out some of your favourite Sci-Fi Ships, from Star Trek, Star Wars, and more.

Societal Expectations, Gender Stereotypes, and Mob Mentality in North America

We have a problem on our hands, and it's time to address it, together.

Ottawa Pop Expo '15 - Part 2 of 3: Vendors & Booths!

The DMR Team was out in full-force at Pop Expo this year. Here is our comprehensive coverage of the event. This is part 2 of 3.

Ottawa Pop Expo '15 - Part 1 of 3: Con Content

The DMR Team was out in full-force at Pop Expo this year. Here is our comprehensive coverage of the event. This is part 1 of 3.

[Sponsored Post] Spell Hub - Your Site For Occult News & Services

Spell Hub is a valuable resource for those who consider themselves attuned with the occult community. Spell castings, rituals, news, and more.

[Sponsored Article] Blind Justice - Citizens Standing Up For The Wrongly Convicted In America

Blind Justice is an organization, not of lawyers or paralegals, but of the regular voices of regular people, citizens, tax payers, etc, and they have something to say.

[Sponsored Article] Listening To Music Can Positively Impact Your Workout

Music can actually have an effect on your workout.

Finally, a 'Tucking' Solution for Transgender Females

Tucknit offers a genius product for Trans Women, TV's, CD's, etc, which takes the pain, hassle, and challenge, out of a process known as "Tucking".

The Worst Malware In History

In this article we take a quick glance back through time to determine the worst piece of malware to ever have existed.

Know Your Enemy - The Origins of Malware

Any Military Strategist believes in the saying "Know Your Enemy". Fighting PC Malware is no different.

DMR Music Spotlight - Lights In The Trees by The Color Wild

Born in 2015, The Color Wild is an Indie Pop band formed in Vacaville, CA by brothers Jesse Crosson (Keys, Guitars, Vocals), Kyle Crosson (Vocals), Jaden Crosson (Drums) (formerly from the band Cheating Daylight), Robbie Jimenez (Bass/Vocals), and Josh Hanson (Lead Guitar).

DMR Music Spotlight - Hollywood Rain by Glitter Rose

8-time award winner Glitter Rose does it again with the release of "Hollywood Rain," the first single from the upcoming album Outlaw In Love.

Free-To-Play Game 'World of Warships' Launches September 17th

World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, now World of Warships! The Free-To-Play Mechanized Military Simulation Trifecta is now Complete!

DJ Emily Vee & The Loreeny - New Show on DMR

Two Geek Girls Compete to be the Master of Music & Mayhem. Weekly show featuring Emily Vee & The Loreeny AKA 'Star Dust Cosplay'!

You Know You Play Too Much World of Warcraft When...

Do you play too much WoW? Take our definitive test by asking yourself if you do these 15 things.

World of Warcraft: Legion - What We Know So Far

Here are the basic facts and info we have on Blizzard's newest expansion to World of Warcraft.

Things Everyday Transgender People Everywhere Want You To Know

We asked members of the Transgender Community to tell us what they would tell Society at large, if given the opportunity. Here is what they had to say...

Book Review: The Realism Challenge, by Mark Crilley (Drawing & Painting Secrets)

Review of The Realism Challenge written by Mark Crillery. Personally, just from the title itself I found the book intriguing. I was curious what its about? What can it help me with? This was a book that is great for anyone into art and wants to learn awesome techniques and how to draw with special effects.

Ottawa Ribfest: Canada's Largest Sticky Social

It was that time of year again! It was time to head down to Sparks street in Ottawa, ON and experience the event called Ribfest.

Number 1 on Canadian radio, Showcase in USA & 2 summer tours - One in co-op with the Danish Cancer Society.

2015 has been a record breaking year for Danish alternative pop-rock band, Suits Boulevard. The bands fifth single “Broken Wings” was number 1 on Canadian radio for 6 weeks in a row

Sexy Saturdays - Cosplay Round-Up #13

Our weekly Round-Up of Sexy Female Cosplays! Enjoy! (May be NSFW)

Clone High - One Of The Greatest Animated Shows To Be Cancelled (Op-Ed)

Cancelled after it's first season, mediocre ratings, but Clone High has taken off online. We make the case for watching this show if you can.

Selfie Sticks BANNED - Why Do People Hate Them?

Selfie Sticks are getting banned all over the place, let's talk about society's hate for these photographic accessories.

Geocaching - A Great Way To Get Outdoors This Summer

Try this fun & exciting outdoor activity, for which you only need your Smartphone! Best part, it doesn't cost you a dime.

Candy Japan Review - Japanese Candy At Your Doorstep

We review 'Candy Japan', a service in which mystery boxes of Japanese Candy are delivered to you twice monthly, straight from Japan!

World Of Warcraft Has Lost 3 Million Subscribers In 3 Months

It was revealed in May that World of Warcraft has lost 1 Million Players every month, for 3 months.

Why Bots Have No Place In WoW Anymore

Blizzard recently banned over 100,000 WoW Accounts for Botting. Here's the reason why they are coming down so hard suddenly...

Ottawa ComicCon 2015 Coverage

Our coverage of Ottawa Comiccon 2015. Cosplay and More!

Let's Talk About Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying and Trolling is not only a serious subject, but something the majority of us have experienced in our online lives. Let's talk about it.

Our Station Manager Is Transgender, But It Shouldn't Matter

I'd rather have you hear it from me willingly, than to find out on your own somehow. From Nicholas, to Emily...

Sexy Saturdays - Cosplay Round-Up #12

Our weekly Round-Up of Sexy Female Cosplays! Enjoy! (Possible-NSFW)

Ottawa's Poutine Fest 2015 - Great Canadian Poutine Forkoff

Once again, Digital Mayhem Radio covered Poutine Fest on Sparks Street in Ottawa, Canada. With so much tastiness in one place, how could we not?

8 Photographers Going Too Far For The Perfect Shot

These 8 photographers went more than a little overboard to take that perfect shot! See if you agree.

Chew Toys For Dogs from L&H Guerra

We came across an interesting product for all those dog owners who want to keep their little ones entertained and away from furniture, shoes or any other thing around the house that peeks their naughty interest.

Sexy Saturdays - Cosplay Round-Up #11

Our weekly Round-Up of Sexy Female Cosplays! Enjoy! (Possible-NSFW)

Self-Driving Cars - Interview With CEO of Prime Time Shuttle & Opli Technology

The future of Self-Driving Cars is probably a lot closer than most people think. In this article we interview Mr. Rattan Joea.

The Mysterious Disappearance of Miss Hannah Minx & Other YouTube Stories

Sometimes YouTube Personalities go dark, and disappear off our radar. But why? Where do they go? How do they manage to vanish from the web?

Sexy Saturdays - Cosplay Round-Up #10

Sexy Saturdays is BACK by Popular Demand! Check out Edition #10, Celebrating 2 Years of Sexy Saturdays at DMR.FM - Possible NSFW

DMR Top 20 Countdown Gets An Upgrade - Now Professionally Produced!

We have decided to retire our In-House Top 20, and have opted for a Professional, Syndicated Countdown Show.

DMR Papercraft - Make Yours Now! (All You Need Is a Printer)

We are releasing several DMR Papercraft Designs. Just print, cut, and tape!

Op-Ed - WoW Tokens & How They Affect You

WoW tokens may change a lot about World of Warcraft in regards to it's in-game economy. Here are the Facts about WoW Tokens + my thoughts.

Facebook 'Messenger' Now Available on PC via

Facebook has brought the Full Functionality of 'Messenger' to the Desktop with

DMR Selfies From Around The World

We have Fans, Bands, and Listeners in over 90 Countries.. So we asked them to take some Selfies!

Cosplay of Ottawa Geek Market 2015

This article contains all DMR's Cosplay Photography from Ottawa Geek Market March 2015. Be sure to read the Main Article first!

Ottawa Geek Market March 2015 - Vendors, Activities, Presentations

DMR.FM Official Coverage of Ottawa Geek Market, March 2015. This article contains the crafts, products, vendors, causes, and presentations.

Facebook Turns 'Messenger' Into a Platform, Introduces New Features

Facebook Messenger now allows you to Install and Use an array of Plugin apps which enhance Messenger's functionality.

New Liquid 'Terminator Style' 3D Printer Could Print 10x Faster

3D printing has always been something that has appealed to people, but the time it takes can be so long that people just don't have the interest to do it.

UPDATED: Sexual Images In Advertising - Lashback Over Article

Hate Mail, Threats, and now a DDoS. This is an Op-Ed about one of our previous articles.

Two Years of Highway to Hell

It is amazing how time flies, more when you are having fun. And that is what this two years have been for me as DJ Hel in the Show Highway to Hell.

Will The Apple Watch Be A Success?

The Apple Watch is Apple's first new product launch since the iPad, but will it share the iPad's unexpected success, or be a slow-selling product?
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10 People Having A Worse Day Than You

Nobody ever said life was fair. This is especially true for the people involved in these ten photos.

[APRIL FOOLS] DMR Joins SETI Program, Changing Name To Dynamic Modulation Radio

Effective April 31st, 2013, Digital Mayhem Radio is joining SETI Civilian Science Program, and rebranding to Dynamic Modulation Radio, to aid in the search for alien life.

Random Rebels - A Photographic Collection Of People Not Giving A Duck

It's another Photo Story, guys! In this Edition: Random Rebels - A Photographic Collection Of People Not Giving A Duck! Some people just want to watch the world burn, if that's the case then we've got a forest fire on our hands here!