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You Know You Play Too Much World of Warcraft When...

August 09, 2015 at 3:30 AM

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You Know You Play Too Much World of Warcraft When...


...You drive down the highway and see SW and you yell: "WE'RE GOING TO STORMWIND!"


...You ask someone what level they are instead of their age.




...You're waiting for the red light to turn green and it takes forever, and you respond with, "Damn these lights are lagging today".


...Before leaving the house you remind yourself to 'Equip' your watch.



wow-leveling.gif...The Microwave goes "DING!" and you say "Grats".


Downtime.JPG...You dread Tuesdays instead of Mondays.

...You keep wishing you could /ignore your boss.


where to mine silver ore.jpg...When you see a flower or shiny rock and consider picking it up just for the skill-up.

...When you're actually worried that a new game will cut into your WoW time.

...You think of going to bed as logging for the night.

...You call friends by their characters names.

...You read articles like this.


tumblr_m8cgaetagY1r9nmdxo1_1280.jpg...You find night elves and blood elves more attractive than real human women.

...You made a Facebook Page for your WoW character.

...You have more friends in WoW than real life.

...You wake up and think "Damn, I would love pancakes, but I don't have the mats!"

...You call your mom a "Noob"


wowscrnshot_101611_212116.jpg...You keep referring to small local wildlife as "critters".


tumblr_n8sbo2O6qx1t5ku37o8_1280.png...You moan "Jaina" instead of your partner's name at the end of, well...you know.


Wow-64_2012-10-15_18-59-08-23.png...You get lost and reach for the "M" key, only to realize it's real-life and there's no keyboard in front of you.


Are YOU guilty of any of these? Can you think of any that you'd like to add to this list? Let us know in the Comments Below!

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