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World of Warcraft: Legion - What We Know So Far

August 06, 2015 at 1:00 PM

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If you have been following the World of Warcraft news, you've probably heard that today the basic information on the upcoming Expansion Pack to WoW was revealed by Blizzard.

It's called; World of Warcraft: Legion


So what do we know about it so far? 

Blizzard released this introductory video:

The next WoW expansion was just announced at #gamescom! This is World of Warcraft: #Legion

Posted by World of Warcraft on Thursday, August 6, 2015

So let's recap;


They've also released a map of the New Continent 'The Broken Isles':


As well as a preview look at the Character Models for the new Hero Class; Demon Hunters:



Update #1:

* You can start working on the flying achievement for Legion right at the start of the expansion

* Relics to increase artifact weapon power won't convert between specs, so you'll have to get both if you're multispec (other improvements to the artifact weapon will have catch-up mechanics, which we knew)

* Professions are a focus this expansion, with the largest team ever assigned to them, and will include a questline for each profession, refreshed systems, a new UI, new functionality, and expertise in individual recipes

* You get a 12th character slot on each realm


The Blizzard Webpage that breaks down all the new features is also live, at:

Check it out if you want more details, presumably kept up to date.

That's all for now!


So, tell us, what do you think of this new expansion news? Especially considering that World of Warcraft is currently at its lowest subscriber count since 2006. Will this new expansion provide a boost for a few months, or will it be more of a long term solution? Or perhaps you feel it will not help at all?

Are you excited? Will you be returning to WoW for it? Share your Thoughts below!

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