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Will The Apple Watch Be A Success?

March 16, 2015 at 8:50 AM

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In the ever-evolving tech environment we often see really interesting gadgets we want to buy and try out! Why wouldn't we? All of us geeks and nerds love that kind of stuff!

But one particular item could cost $10,000! The Apple Watch! (Well, the Gold Version anyway)


It has been stated the reason behind the high price for the watch itself is because of the 18-karat gold case and the very unique bands that come with the watch. Of course you can always get a basic model with a rubber wristband in various colours. It has been stated these versions will cost $349.


The Apple Watch is Apple's first New Product Line since the Apple iPad.

From the sounds of it it seems to be appealing to Apple users because you get a fashion statement and something new/techy all in the same package!

Besides the fashion there are some different features that will appeal to people who purchase it:

The watch will come with a special touch screen to tell the difference between a light and hard touch. It also comes with a "digital crown" that allows users to quickly go through through lists without even touching the screen.


The apps will be very appealing to people according to Apple. The are some unique apps such as one to be used as a room key known as the Starwood app. As well as an app from Telsa that shows the status of your Tesla car if you're charging it. Another noteworthy one is Apple's fitness app. It will measure track runs, bike rides, step/distance travelled etc. It also features Apple Pay. For this, you swipe the watch in front of a payment terminal to process a transaction.

Apple also claims that the Apple Watch will last all day with no need to charge. When the battery reaches a certain level, it can automatically switch into a power-saving mode where all it will do is display the time, thus saving power and allowing it to last even longer.


Size wise, the Apple Watch itself comes in 38mm and 42mm, so users can pick a display size suitable for them.

The Apple Watch hits stores April 24th, 2015

Will Apple be able to break into the Samsung-Dominated SmartWatch market? SmartWatches are a well-established market, with most users already having brand-loyalty, although due to Apple's lack of openness and cooperation, very few SmartWatches are compatible with iOS devices.


Another noteworthy point is that most competitors already have several generations of Smartwatches, and years of trial and error experience. Not to mention, almost all other SmartWatches cost less than half of what the most basic Apple Watch costs.


Check out DMR's Review of the Sony SmartWatch 1:

Will you buying an Apple Watch, or do you favour another brand?

Tell us in the comments below!

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