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Why Bots Have No Place In WoW Anymore

May 14, 2015 at 5:03 PM

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You probably heard the recent news that Blizzard has banned over 100,000 World of Warcraft accounts due to botting/exploits.

Users were given a 6-month ban, and upon trying to log in, received a message similar to this:


Blizzard has always taken a tough stance on Botting, and has had many detection methods in place, including defense program "Warden". However, one must ask why they are coming down harder especially lately, and doing this aggressive wave of bans now, when Bot use has been rampant for virtually all of WoW's 10+ year existence.


To answer this, we refer back to our article from April 9th, 2015 on WoW Tokens.

If you don't know what WoW Tokens are, or just need a refresher, please click the image below before you continue with this article.

WoW Token Slider.png

Blizzard needs to protect WoW's economy now more than ever, because it is a direct revenue stream for Blizzard. 

Still don't know what I mean? Blizzard is essentially selling gold. You buy a WoW token with real dollars, you sell it in WoW, and BOOM, you've got Gold. If this is the case, it needs to be THE way to buy gold. Blizzard can't have competing sites selling more gold at better prices, and they certainly can't let you have a bot farm gold for you so you can buy infinite WoW tokens and never pay for WoW with money.

Currently, there are many hundreds of Websites selling WoW gold, and most of them use Bots to generate the gold they sell. This can be direct, through Farming Bots or Gathering Bots, or indirectly through Honour Bots, which collect Honour Points by botting in Battleground, then cash in the points for gear to Disenchant and sell, or for other currencies which they can convert to sell-able products.

Another problem is inflation. These bots change how difficult it is to generate gold, and thus change the value of said gold. This can cause inflation, and changes things for Blizzard when they are trying to run a usable system for buying and selling WoW tokens. 


There is more motivation than ever for regular gamers to use Bots, now that there is the possibility of buying WoW Tokens with Gold, and never again paying a subscription fee for WoW.

In the end, Blizzard's actions against these botters will benefit us all, and create a more fair and stable economy in-game, not to mention keeping us all on an equal playing field. 


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