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What's It Like To Date A Trans Girl?

April 17, 2016 at 3:00 AM

Tags: Dating Mood Relationships Challenge Girl Transgender Trans MtF LGBT Hormones LGBTQ Problems
Category: Social Issues

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Hey guys! Welcome back to another edition of Emily being a silly girl on the Internets. >.>

Hopefully you're liking this video initiative so far, but please, good or bad, let me know!

Today I want to talk about the unique challenges involved in being in a relationship with a transgender female. To give a cis perspective, I've invited my Girlfriend to join me, and tell you all how much of a bitch I am!

Some guys like to think that a trans girl is "Like being with a cis girl, but without the mood swings". In reality, this couldn't be farther from the truth.


We have to deal with mood swings and emotions just as any female, EXCEPT, we haven't had our whole lives to get used to these emotions and get a grip/control on them, so quite often, trans women are even more moody/emotional than a cis female, simply because we haven't had the same experience and practice as our cis counterparts.

Without any further delay, please enjoy this week's video:

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