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What's The Fastest Sci-Fi Ship In The Galaxy?

January 04, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Tags: Infographic Star Trek Geek Nerd Star Wars Sci-Fi Ships Warp Universe
Category: General


Us Geeks love our Sci Fi. That goes without saying.

However, one thing that often happens, is fans of one franchise making comparisons to the tech of another franchise "The Enterprise could totally take out a Star Destroyer!". However, the intricacies of space combat, tactics, and tech differences, can make it difficult for clear-cut answers.

Except, in matters of speed. Top speed is a straight up, one-factor statistic, and thus makes it very easy to compare. The only tricky part is the units of measurement that varying franchises use for their sci-fi worlds. Luckily, that issue is taken care of for us, in this handy Infographic, presented below, which lists out the FASTEST SHIPS IN THE GALAXY, in order from slowest to fastest! Enjoy!


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