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Transphobic Laws, Perverted Lawmakers, and Backwards Bathrooms

April 06, 2016 at 9:58 PM

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Hey guys! This week I wanted to talk (more like vent) about some of the drama going on in the US of A in regards to the treatment and legislation of Transgender persons. 


Mainly I share my opinions and thoughts, and talk about how it contrasts with how things are here (in Canada) where I live.

Please just remember, on the topic of bathrooms.. Trans Women are Women, Trans Men are Men, and the only person who needs to see their genitals, is themselves.

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2016-04-06 20.48.30.jpg

I'm so classy, right? 


Anyway, here is this week's video: 


Update: I found this video to be very powerful and moving, on the issue of US Bathroom Discrimination Laws.

North Carolina & The Bathroom Bill: Transgender Discriminatio...

What recently happened in North Carolina with the #bathroombill is a complete outrage for anyone who believes in #equalrights. These bathroom bills and religious freedom acts insight violence against our transgender community. It is time we voiced up against this type of discrimination. MOOVZ wants YOU to show your support for our transgender brothers and sisters by uploading a photo with the #ID2P It's easy!Take a photo with a sign that reads #ID2P, Log into MOOVZ: https://moovz.com/r/2016 & #ID2P We are going to create a blog with your photos and send it to the press!

Posted by Moovz on Thursday, March 31, 2016
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