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Sexy Saturdays - Cosplay Round-Up #10

April 18, 2015 at 5:00 AM

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As of this Summer, our Article series 'Sexy Saturdays - Cosplay Round-Up' will have existed for Two Years. We've brought you over 120 'Sexy Cosplay Photos' so far!

When we started doing this, it was with the intention of giving some glory to the awesome Cosplayers out there, and crediting them for their hard work, appreciating what they do. Yes, with a focus on the visually appealing cosplays, though, because alas, that is what generates clicks/views. 

We tried to kill off this series 2-3 times in the past, but the demand for it, and residual hits the articles got were just too much to ignore. So, once again, we are here, resurrecting Sexy Saturdays from the dead. The main problem is that we do not have writers/publishers on-duty on weekends, so it's hard to get an article out on Saturday. So you'll have to forgive us when Sexy Saturdays doesnt happen on a Saturday, but rather during the week.

A note about Sexy Saturdays: We have received some negative feedback about the title of the article, and it's focus on provocative female Cosplays. Let me make one thing clear, we at DMR have a deep respect and appreciation for Cosplay as a craft. It takes an amazing level of skill, time, and effort, to put together even the most basic of cosplays, and the intention of Sexy Saturdays is to appreciate this, not to diminish its' meaning. Sexy Saturdays happen to focus on female cosplays simply because that is our demographic. We would be more than willing to put out a Sexy Saturdays Male Edition if the demand for such a thing were to present itself. :)  We also do not tolerate disrespectful comments to or about any of the Cosplayers we feature. 

You can click each photo to view it larger (when possible). As well we have posted any information about the Cosplay, Model, or Photographer, when available, above the photo.

If you would like to submit additional information for one of the photos, or submit Cosplay Photos, simply e-mail as we would love to be able to properly credit each Cosplayer/Photographer.

1.  Cammy (Street Fighter) - by Micro Kitty Cosplay
2.  Dr. Mrs. Monarch Cosplay
3.  Poison Ivy - By Nicole Marie Jean - Photo by Nathan Raupach
4.  Shanna The She Devil - By Abby Dark-Star - Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi
5.  Mileena (Mortal Kombat) - by Rosanna Rocha
6.  Wonder Woman - by Kamui Cosplay
7.  Catwoman - By Elizabeth Avery - Photo By Sundizzle Photography
8.  Power Girl - By Vegas PG Cosplay
9.  Starfire (Teen Titans) Cosplay
10.  Elven Cosplay - By Yaya Han
11.  Bill Cosby Cosplay.. Because Puddin' Pops.

Which Cosplay/Photo is your Favourite?

Tell us in the Comments Area Below!

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