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UPDATED: Sexual Images In Advertising - Lashback Over Article

March 22, 2015 at 9:59 AM

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Recently, I wrote a deep-dive investigative journalism piece, titled 'Effects Of Being Perceived As Female In MMO's'.

You can view this article here:
Female MMO Slider.jpg


Basically, I talked about how you are treated differently in MMORPG's if you are thought to be a female. 

I surveyed MANY people, and did a LOT of research. If I was to declare the stance of the article, I would say it was very favourable to women, and tried to explain the poor treatment that females often have to put up with if they want to spend time in many MMOs.

At no point in time did I ever say anything negative about women, or draw conclusions for the readers.

Yet, with all this being the case, I still received hate mail, threats of personal harm and harm against my business, angry e-mails, I was railroaded out of several of the WoW/Gamer oriented Facebook groups which I conducted some of my surveys in, and I have been insulted almost daily since writing the article.

Why? Because of the image I chose to use for the Article's Thumnail:


I chose this image for several reasons:

  • Sex Sells - Articles using sexually appealing imagery perform up to 500% better than those without (based on results from this company's Newsfeed).
  • It's Fitting - The article was about how some males simply see female gamers as a sex object, someone to perv out on. So this image was a perfect representation of perhaps how those males in question picture a female gamer.
  • Topic Match - The article is about Females who Game, so I found an image of a female who is gaming, which also met the above criteria.


So why did people have a problem with this image?

People seemed to think that by posting this image, I was saying "This image represents all female games, and all female gamers are required to dress like this when gaming".

They also felt it was degrading towards women, that the image implied female gamers have no real gaming ability or can't be serious players, and many other ridiculous and absurd accusations.

The fact of the matter is that the image says NONE of this, I said NONE of this, and the girl in the photo has every right to dress, and photograph herself, however she damn well wants to.

It seems that the very people who are upset about this (claiming to be pro-women, feminists, etc), are the people who would deny women the right to dress/photograph/represent themselves however they choose to. Someone who games in their underwear is just as valid as a gamer and as a person, as someone who is fully clothed. What does it matter?

In short, get the giant rusty railroad spikes out of your collective asses. 

*Drops the Keyboard*


UPDATE: We have recently received more threats to the station due to this article and the original piece, and we have since been DDoS'd because of it:

Screenshot 2015-03-22 08.03.27.png


Screenshot 2015-03-22 09.35.26.png

My reply to these e-mails:

"Issuing illegal threats and blackmail is never a correct response. 


We will be reporting this to law enforcement and subsequently handing over these e-mails.


As well, your threats have been published as an update to our article.


In the future, if something you see on the internet upsets you, you should utilize the comments system and participate in the public discussion in a civil manner, or if you do contact the publisher/writer/etc then try to stay on moral high-ground by not swearing, being violent, or violating any laws.


For the record, the article which offended you was an Opinion Editorial (an opinion piece), not intended as news, and at least in my country, we have freedom of speech and expression, so we have every right to publish it.


I am saddened that someone out there has had such a violent response to one of our articles, and even though you are presenting yourself to us as 'trouble', I do hope you're ok."



People like this e-mailer are the problem. It's people like that which are the reason this lashback op-ed exists. I as a Writer, and DMR as a media publication will never back down from covering the topics we feel are important.

If we are threatened, if we receive good feedback, or bad, we will always be transparent about it. If we receive threats over an article, and we find it funny/interesting/weird, we will, and have every right to talk about it. We will not be threatened, or swayed from our intents.

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