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Self-Driving Cars - Interview With CEO of Prime Time Shuttle & Opli Technology

April 23, 2015 at 6:26 PM

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In the changing world we live in, we have seen many developments of vehicles over time, and the resulting ways they have changed our society and abilities.

Today's leap which has the potential to change our world significantly, is Self-Driving Cars. To some the idea may seem far off or unlikely, and to others it seems like something that is inevitable and coming quickly.

We, at DMR interviewed Rattan Joea who is the CEO of Prime Time Shuttle and Opli Technology. He is very experienced in the background of transportation, as well as a vast background he has developed ongoing relationships with car manufactures such as Tesla, Ford as well as others. He has expressed high energy and interest for the future of self driving cars. He sees a bright future for self-driving cars.

Now, onto our interview with Mr. Joea-the CEO of Prime Time Shuttle and Opli Technology.


Hello Mr. Joea, thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us. Let's start with the beginning. What first got you interested in the idea of Cars which drive themselves?

I’m always looking for solutions. The idea came to me back in 2002. We were facing a legal battle to define whether our drivers are independent contractors or employees. Our industry did not have a clear definitions up until we resolved the issue a few years back. That’s when I thought to myself, “what if we had a car that doesn’t require driver.”


What do you think will appeal to the public the most about them?

I’m excited. I’m confident the public will love the experience. I think it’s going to be similar to commercial flights. The public was fascinated with the idea but the question of safety came up. Once people felt confident and were secure with the technology the whole world changed. We became closer as a species and were able to travel large distances unencumbered. This technology and its applications will do the same. It’s a great leap forward. It will cut down travel time due to congestion, drunk driving will almost disappear, CO2 emission will be lowered due to efficient grids, etc. etc. It’s just exciting all around.


Has this always been something you envisioned during your career?

Yes, when you are the mobility space like we are, you’re always looking for solutions to issues. This is our opportunity.


What is your favourite thing to think about, with regards to self-driving cars actually operating on the road?

I like to see the cars running on different kind of energy, and using different grids, and systems. Living in LA, one of my favorite thoughts is seeing the 405, 101, 91, or 10 running smoothly during rush hour. That is what this type of technology is capable of doing.


What are some of the benefits to be had?

This is an idea to move people around with most efficient and optimized way in the urban areas. Again, cutting down congestion, cutting down pollution (C02 emissions), and making mobility safe.


How long have you been in the transportation industry?

I started as a driver driving a van 20 years ago. Funny fact, I still have that van. It has over 450k miles on it and still has every original piece. I have experience in share ride industry which is the most complicated mode of transportations to run. Anybody can run Taxi (Uber) service, serving people from point A to Point B. But our company is dynamic and truly technological. We coordinate dynamic rides with multiple people.


Do you have any car manufacturers that you think will be most willing to help contribute to self-driving cars?

 I think company like Tesla that is always forward thinking and being practical and leading by example.


How soon will Self-Driving Cars become a reality for Consumers?

It is going to be here sooner than later. We have big players in the market with billion dollar budgets that will be spend their resources to get us there.  


What gets you most excited with what you've seen so far in the realm of Self-Driving Cars?

What I am most excited with regards to the driverless cars is that most if not all car manufactures have started looking at the car in different ways. This car movement is going to make us energy independent. That’s just phenomenal. Plus, we will be sharing our vehicles too. Another thought is how we will also free up tons of land for better use. Think car park garages. With the advent of these types of vehicles, we won’t need them. One last thing, in the future I also see more of drone type of flying cars. We are living in a brave new world and we are excited to be a part of it.

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About Prime Time Shuttle: PRIME TIME SHUTTLE has been providing quality airport ground transportation service in Southern California since 1984. Shared Van is the most economical way to travel to and from the airport. Often half the cost of a taxi, and a more pleasant experience.



What are YOUR Thoughts on Self-Driving/Driverless Cars?

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