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Ottawa Ribfest: Canada's Largest Sticky Social

June 24, 2015 at 4:09 AM

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It was that time of year again! It was time to head down to Spark's street in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) and experience the event called Ribfest!


Vendors from all around came to show off their famous food of ribs, chicken, pulled pork, coleslaw, baked beans and much more. Myself and volunteer Sophie headed on down to the event to see what the sauce was all about!

We started off by going around and looking at the different vendors and trying out different sauces. There were MANY choices to choose from. Each one had a different flavour to the food they were selling. Each one tasted very good. It was quite difficult to decide which one to eat at first. The streets were bustling with people trying different items from each of the vendors. In the air was the smell of sauce and ribs, which attracted people to the event.


Each vendor had their own story to tell. from rewards to contest entries there was a lot to see and explore and as well to admire. Vendors had trophies lined up for the public to see and to admire. It helped people in deciding which vendors they wanted to try out. But, just the smell alone was enough for people to want to try a little bit of everything!


There was a lot of things going on; there was live music playing (pictured above) and people were able to come and listen and enjoy the music while they ate their ribs.


On our journey through Ribfest, we ran into a person dressed up, and riding on a skateboard participating in the events and having fun with the rest of the crowds. (pictured above)

We finally decided to go and eat at Uncle Sam's BBQ (pictured below). We both had ordered a pulled pork sandwich (pictured above). And yes it was very good in flavour, we can't even do it justice! Uncle Sam's BBQ was promoting a special sauce they made from Mexico. The sauce wasn't too spicy; it was just right. Our pork was nicely cooked and very tender. Every bite was nice and soft and bursting with flavour! The sauce itself was very sweet and tasty.


All of the vendors were very competitive with the food they were serving. Besides just ribs there were other vendors as well. There was a home made lemonade stand as well as a corn on the cob stand. And a special potato vendor with potatoes on a stick. They, to our amazement, came with special ketchup flavours for people to try which included: Smokey mesquite, homemade chili, dill pickle, beer and onions, bacon, and mustard spice maple. Each of these vendors offered something different and delicious for the people walking down through the event to sink their teeth into!


We were very impressed with the foods we tried. But we decided to ask the public what they thought, and what they were enjoying about the food they were eating. So we went around and asked some various people for their opinions:


Gary: "The taste is very good. It tastes fantastic."



Hudson and Joe:  "Good. Very tasty."


Kaylee (no photo): "The taste is alright, it's satisfying."



Lauren: "really good and really fresh in its taste."



Eli: "fabulous! wonderful! very good indeed! love it!"



Nadia: "it's really good."



Julian: "it's very fabulous. very nice to have."



Tim: "The taste is simply awesome. That's the best word I can use."



Larry: "So far its going good. The ribs are nice and moist. Great taste."

So based on the positive reactions from people it showed that Ribfest was a great success! If you enjoy ribs and BBQ sauce, then this was the place to be!

What is your favourite summer dish? Let us know in the Comments Area below!

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