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Ottawa Geek Market March 2015 - Vendors, Activities, Presentations

March 29, 2015 at 6:00 PM

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As we have for a couple years now, Digital Mayhem Radio attended Ottawa Geek Market on March 27th and 28th, 2015. The event also took place on the 29th, but we needed that day today to prep this coverage for publishing.

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(Cosplay Coverage is featured in separate Article: Click Here)

2015-03-27 16.04.33.jpg
A sneak peek at some of the layout before it became populated with the day's attendees.


In case you're new to Geek Market, or our Coverage of it, Geek Market is Ottawa's premiere geek-themed festival, featuring 40,000 square feet of shopping, games, and super-hero themed activities.


The Super-Hero focus is unique to 2015's event as it is in support of a charity called Heroes Are Human – The Tema Conter Memorial Trust.  This organization, founded by former paramedic Vince Savoia, is a hub for research, education, and training, as well as a peer and psychological support resource for the men and women serving in Canada’s emergency service, public safety, military, communications, and correctional organizations.  We have a short video clip of some more information below:


 In addition to that, Geek Market offered free admission to Police, RCMP Officers, 911 Dispatchers, Fire Fighters, Paramedics, Military Personnel, Veterans, Parole Officers, Probation Officers, and Correctional Services Staff. Which makes sense, because these are the people in our every day lives who are heroes every time they come to work. 

“We thought it would be nice to offer free admission to the same group that our receiving charity supports, in part so that those individuals could meet staff from the charity and learn more about the services available to them, and in part so they could take a break from their daily lives and have some fun,” said Lindsay Sherman, Vice President of the festival.


This year was Geek Market's biggest yet, with more to see and do than we could possibly cover. We will be covering a few specific things very well in this article, but we will tell you briefly about some of the rest.

2015-03-27 15.45.31.jpg

There was a wide-array of consoles and games available for people to play - something for every gamer!

2015-03-28 15.24.35.jpg
The gaming area was extremely popular.


There was an expanded gaming area that included table-top gaming, trading card games (TCGs), collectible card games (CCGs), role playing games (RPGs), miniatures, tournaments and video gaming.

2015-03-27 15.46.55.jpg

2015-03-27 15.46.26.jpg

The detail of the hand-painted figures used in the table-top gaming area is mind-boggling to say the least. We were impressed by the paint jobs of a couple figures in particular:

2015-03-27 15.49.03.jpg

2015-03-27 15.50.30.jpg




There was a LOT of activities for children this time around, so if you are a geeky parent, or a geeky child yourself, there is a lot on offer at Geek Market. Did we mention there was a BOUNCE CASTLE?

2015-03-27 16.41.55.jpg

 Another Geek Market First; there was a full stage of Geeky Activities including a Cosplay Costume Contest, Story Time with the Geeky Godmother, Geek Squares (similar to Hollywood Squares), Anime Name That Tune, Hero Training, Anime Trivia, a presentation by Heroes are Human, and Cosplay Chess! We were able to attend some of these events, and will tell you more as we get through this article. 

If you are looking for the Cosplay of Ottawa Geek Market, Click Here, as we have split it into its' own separate article.

Now, let's move forward to some of the exhibitors we encountered at Geek Market this year. We have covered many of them in past events, so we are this time going to focus (mostly) on those we have not previously covered.


We have covered many Parlugment creations in the past, but we saw some new displays this year, and you can take a look at them below:

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SCDABE - SCDABE is a local Ottawa Magician who had a booth at Geek Market this year. SCDABE does astonishing mentalism, as well as more classic magic, geared towards all ages. He has performed his magic all over Canada, in the USA, Uganda, Congo, Sierra Leone, Egypt, South Sudan, and Ethiopia. He's done many events for Charity, Cruises, Schools, Parties, Holiday Celebrations, etc.

It is probably the reaction of most of us to go "Ah, magic. So he's probably some nut, or does boring party tricks" Right? Well that's honestly what I thought at first. Until I actually stopped to talk to him. I'm not telling you "magic is real", I'm saying that he is very entertaining, and it's quite perplexing and fun to see something mind-boggling happen right before your eyes, and you can't seem to figure out how he managed to do it with you watching so closely.

I always assumed when I saw magic tricks on TV or YouTube, that the "member of the audience" the magician brings up is "in on it". But this time I was the member of the audience, and these tricks were done in my own hands, and I didn't know how. That is amazing entertainment in my books.

He was even generous enough to give us something which is used to perform the tricks above, which he was selling at Geek Market. The way he was operating was really awesome. Sharing something very fun and interesting, then allowing you to do what he does and amaze other people. We'll never tell how he did it, though! More Info:



Cos-Culture Magazine - Cos Culture Magazine is a new independent magazine dedicated to the art and culture of Cosplay. They are North America's first cosplay-themed print magazine, and it is available in retail outlets across Canada. More Info:


2015-03-28 13.46.27.jpg

UsedOttawa, UsedEverywhere - - The Used Ottawa Team had a booth at Geek Market, equipped with a phone/camera/tablet Chargind Station and some seats. They were also giving away free Ad Boosts for when you list an item on their site. I wanted to mention this one because it's one of my personal favourite sites for selling my electronics when I upgrade, as well as getting things on the cheap.

Oh, I also HAVE to mention they were giving out these amazing little things, which I didn't know even existed. They are Screen Cleaners, but they adhere to the back of your phone, tablet or so forth. You peel them off, they don't leave a mark, and you use the soft side to clean your screen, then stick it back. I love it and will proudly display mine.



MANY, MANY Awesome Vendors! - There was so much Geeky Goodness on display and for sale that we cannot possibly cover it all. So, we are going to showcase some of our favourite items, along with a list of credits and links to the various vendors which provide these items.

Vendors and Booths
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Have we told you everything interesting about Ottawa Geek Market? No. Far from it. However, an article can only be so big, and we can only cover so much in one weekend. We hope you have enjoyed this article, and that you check out our 'Cosplay of Ottawa Geek Market' article, where we posted all of our Cosplay Photography and other goodies!

If you are in the Ottawa Area, or can travel there, we definitely recommend paying Geek Market a visit on October 3rd and 4th, this year.

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