Below is our Photostream for Ottawa ComicCon 2014!

If you would like to identify a Cosplay or Cosplayer in any of the photos, please use the Cosplay Identification Form, Below:

Transformers Cosplay Lineup - by The Cybertronic Spree
Team Fortress 2 Cosplay Lineup -  Featuring 'Demoman' by Rita Asangarani,  'Sniper' by Echo Cosplay,  'Heavy' by Ian Walton,  and 'Pyro' by Katherine Youngs
Star Wars - Darth Talon & Darth Nihilus by Andrea Loar (Project Pickles) & Sam Proletto
'Pyramid Head' Silent Hill Cosplay
World of Warcraft Pandaren Cosplay Duo
Nintendo Cosplay Lineup
Cosplay Girl 01
Joker Photobomb
Nintendo Gameboy Cosplay - by Adam MacKenzie (The Tetris game is actually Playable)
Loli Loki Cosplay - by Kurumasha
Lolipop Chainsaw Cosplay

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