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The Mysterious Disappearance of Miss Hannah Minx & Other YouTube Stories

April 21, 2015 at 8:57 AM

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Do you remember watching videos by Miss Hannah Minx on YouTube?

Hannah Wagner, best known for being YouTube Personality 'Hannah Minx' or alter ego 'Mistress Hannah Jinx', has been publishing Videos on YouTube since July 2008. She was Born in Kentucky, USA, in 1988. 

Hannah studied abroad at Sophia University in Japan, where she became an overnight hit on YouTube, with her charming personality, and the idea to tutor people in Japanese Phrases which she called 'JWOW's' or "Japanese Word Of The Week".

maxresdefault (1).jpg

She is also featured as 'Sadie' in the film 'Slay Belles' which completed filming in 2013 and is set to release in November 2015.

Here is an example of her JWOW videos, this is from August 2013, and is her second most-recent video:

Hannah was very consistent with her videos, after all it was Japanese Word of the Week, so that implies a weekly format. Her most recent video was published on August 9th, 2013, roughly a week after the video you saw above.

After that, she vanished.

The videos simply stopped coming. Her Facebook and Twitter both stopped too. In fact, every trace of her Internet Presence stopped at once. No accounts were deleted or hidden, no privacy settings changed, just no new content or posts.

Additionally, her YouTube Community friends, and her Online friends, didn't hear from her, and grew worried about her as time went on. Even to this day in 2015, nobody has heard from her. 

Some surmised she just became busy with her movie career, but Slay Belles finished filming in 2013, and she hasn't been in any new films since.


So what happened? Another popular theory is that she was overwhelmed by the negative attention she received due to her online presence. She is said (by her friends) to of received threats, and had stalkers, because of her content, and was constantly harassed and put down. As a result, it is possible she simply took her life offline and abandoned her accounts. It seems a bit extreme though, to get off of the internet completely, and to ignore people who you would consider to be your friends.

Here is a video from Popular YouTuber Onision which provides a theory as to why she may of left. Note, the female in the video is not Hannah, but someone playing her.

It's highly unusual that someone so popular and famous would be able to disappear so completely from the internet. Not impossible, but, no small feat. She was even interviewed by The Young Turks in 2010, now one of the top News Providers on YouTube. 

This is not the first time that a YouTube Celebrity has disappeared. In 2008, YouTube Personality "Boxxy" vanished from the internet, after her first three videos went Viral. Here is an example, in case you forget:

Boxxy's videos inspired a massive troll/cyber attack war on 4Chan, and an incredible amount of drama. Unlike Hannah, the location of Boxxy was discovered, when it was learned "Boxxy" was only a character. Her real name is Catie Wayne and currently works for Discovery News, making videos for the Animalist Channel.

If you're interested in the Full Story on Boxxy, you can watch an explainer video from Know Your Meme, below:

Will we ever learn what happened to Hannah Minx? Probably, but there is no definitive answer at this time. There are people who claim to have seen her, but she has not been spotted at any Convention since her disappearance in 2013, nor is anyone who knows/knew her personally speaking up. 

It has been stated that the studio which hired her for Slay Belles says that she is "doing fine", but even this is unconfirmed. The fact of the matter is nobody has heard from her, and if they have, they are staying silent.

Story Updates:

It is believed that at some point around or after Hannah vanished from the Internet, she got married to a man who is said to be quite wealthy. We have a couple photos of her and the man who is reportedly her husband. Source: lolcowchan



Please keep in mind this information is Unconfirmed. The origin, dates, and locations of these photos may not be accurate.

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