'King of SnapChat' Deleted by SnapChat For 'Flaunting Nudity'

June 10, 2016 at 12:30 PM

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One of Snapchat's most popular accounts was prematurely deleted by Snapchat executives after receiving thousands of complaints from users who claimed they had watched a sex scene of a little person having sexual encounters with several females who were lurked into believing they were impressing a royal prince. 


Tony Toutouni  is a multi millionaire playboy, entrepreneur and high roller gambler who used snapchat to post his lifestyle but Last week he included a 2 hour story of his bet  with one of his colleagues


He bet his friend 100k that he can get females to willingly have sex with a little person within 6 hours of meeting. Once the bets were placed Toutouni hired a man to pose as a royal Prince of dubai. He provided the man with his mansion, hired him a body gaurd and assistant and contacted females from popular websites for females in search of sugar daddies. 


When the females arrived they met the Prince who quickly introduced the little person as his Servant who he loved so much that he had adopted as his son. The Prince impressed the women with Toutounis home , fleet of luxury cars , and promises of flying to dubuai on his made up private jet to visit and tour dubai. The impressed females where then told that The Princes wish was to provide only hIs most liked females companions to sleep with the little person. 


One after another, every female fell for the prank and The entire ordeal was posted on his snapchat which angered many feminist group. 


For now we can still watch Tony toutouni on his instagram @lunatic_living where he post his extravagant lifestyle but we are sad to see the most viewed Snapchatter gone 


As of Saturday night, the 14th the Lunatic came back under the snapchat name Kingofsnappy – as of right now, it’s still online with very few post. He has mentioned he went in with the intention of getting the account deleted with another humourous bet 



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