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Hacker Attack, Broadcast Issues, and Station Changes

August 06, 2016 at 12:00 AM

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Digital Mayhem Radio's Website has been under attack by hackers/malware the past month or so. We have been struggling to keep our site and services running during this time.

However, I am now very pleased (and relieved) to announce that we have restored full safety and functionality, as well as installing state of the art anti-malware software as well as obtaining 24/7 site security monitoring services. No user information or confidential station info was compromised during this attack.


Station Changes...


In October 2010 (Nearly six years ago!) when I first started DMR (then called 'Dark Militia Radio'), I, as a geek, and hardcore PC gamer, had a vision. Something I was really determined to accomplish. Internet Radio is a REALLY tough business. There's not a lot of money in it, it is extremely technical, takes a LOT of time and energy, and in most cases, due to legal complications, financial losses, and otherwise, Internet Radio Stations usually fail. But not us. Not DMR.

However alive and well we may be... My vision has changed. My interests and focus lies in other areas these days. I am no longer a Geek, I am no longer a Gamer, and I simply do not have the time, or energy, that it takes to run a Radio Station so full-featured and complex as DMR.

What does this mean? There will be some reductions, and restructuring, in the way that we operate:

- We are no longer accepting new Staff Members of any type

- We will no longer add new shows or DJs to our Roster

- Current show Lineup will be actively reduced

- Many Website features and services will be phased out (Advertise, Game With Us, Google+, DMR Roundtable Podcast, The DMR Store, etc)

Current Live DJs may remain on the roster as long as they wish. DJ Broadcast Regs will be relaxed. DJs may not publish new content as often

- Our Schedule Page will no longer be maintained, and will be provided "as is", eventually phased out when it becomes obsolete

- Newsfeed Articles will not be published on a regular basis, but rather, "as needed"

- Song Ratings will no longer have any impact on what is played

- "Make a Live Request" functionality will be removed permanently

- Station Song Database will no longer be publicly visible or searchable 

- "and more"


With this simpler, more streamlined approach, I hope to drastically reduce the amount of human intervention that DMR requires in order to operate smoothly. 

These changes will surely negatively impact the popularity and usage of Digital Mayhem Radio, however, when weighed against the option of retiring the station, I hope you'll see that this is a much more favourable avenue to take.

Thanks for your time.

- Emily J. Valrite

Station Owner, Digital Mayhem Radio

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