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Geocaching - A Great Way To Get Outdoors This Summer

May 22, 2015 at 3:00 AM

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If you are already a Geocacher, that is awesome, and we salute you, but for the purposes of this article, we assume the reader is at most, only vaguely familiar with Geocaching.

So, what exactly is Geocaching? 

It is an outdoor activity you can engage in, almost no matter where in the world you live, where you make use of the GPS on your Mobile Phone to hide and/or seek containers of varying size (called geocaches or caches).

So, containers? Why? What's in them?

Well, there is typically one thing that all geocaches will contain; a Logbook with a Pen or Pencil. This is so that the geocacher can log down the date they found it, along with their username/codename. 

However, that's not all they can contain. In larger containers, there are often items for trading. Generally knick-knacks, trinkets, toys, novelties, and items of sentimental value. Sometimes there are even larger items like gift cards etc for the First Time Finder. It is important to note that when trading from a container, you should add an item of equal or greater value than what you take.

Modern-day Geocaching can be done easily through your Smartphone. Simply download the app "Geocaching" from the iPhone App Store, from the Android Google Play Store, or from the Windows Phone Store. The app is free, and simple to use. You can also learn more at

We decided to give it a go outside of DMR Headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, and see what it was like.


2015-05-21 20.00.33.pngImmediately upon opening the Geocaching app, we discovered several geocaches in our nearby area.

All of the Green Dots you see on the screenshot to the right are geocaches (the grey dots are also geocaches but are for the premium version of the app).

If we zoomed out, there were even more green dots, but we decided to venture to just the nearest ones for this test.

Once you are nearby to the area of the cache, you can turn on Navigation Mode, which will paint a line on your screen to the location of the cache, as well as provide an on-screen compass and range finder, which will help you navigate to the cache. 

Usually, the Cache's description will include hints as to where to look, as well as the origins and other information about the cache or its' contents. Additionally, users who have found the cache before you, can comment, post photos of them with the cache, and leave feedback or note changes to the cache container or placement.

Once you find the Cache, you can log your find on the app, and leave feedback/comments yourself.

We were able to find most of the geocaches we hunted for, but we did miss a couple. We will be showing photos of our finds (below), but we will not be posting the name of the cache, the contents, or the sub-section of Ottawa they were located in. However, if you live in Ottawa and wish to remain completely unspoiled, please click away now.


Here was our first find:2015-05-21 15.42.48.jpg


Do you see it? Let's look closer...


2015-05-21 15.42.52.jpg2015-05-21 15.42.56.jpg

Geocaches can vary greatly depending on where you are located. They can exist as easily in a city block as in a wooded forest. The geocaches we went after were located on nature trails and in the woods.

Our second find: 2015-05-21 16.35.27.jpg2015-05-21 16.35.30.jpg

We can now say, from first-hand experience, that geocaching is a fun and worthwhile activity. But most importantly, it gets you outdoors, in nature, or in your city, experiencing life, being active, using your senses, and having a great time, whether alone, or with friends/family. 

...And you never know what you might see along the way. 2015-05-21 17.32.47.jpg

So, wherever you are in the world, we at Digital Mayhem Radio challenge you to give it a try! No Smartphone? Don't like the Geocaching App? No problem. You can geocache with even an old-style GPS device. There are many resources online to help you in your adventures!

 Just be sure to watch out for muggles!


What do you think about Geocaching? Have you tried it? Have you heard of it before? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments Area below!

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