Finally, a 'Tucking' Solution for Transgender Females

November 19, 2015 at 1:00 AM

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Recently at Digital Mayhem Radio, you may have noticed we've been talking more about transgender awareness and rights. 

Today we are taking a more practical and basic approach to trans issues. Tucking.

Warning, this might get a liiiiiiitle graphic, but honestly what we're going to talk about today can help a LOT of people, so we feel it necessary. 

Ok, so let's start with, what IS 'Tucking'?

If you are a trans woman, the last thing you want is to have what is viewed as a typically male 'bulge' in your pants. You generally will want to make things as flat and sleek as possible down there. As "Silly Trans Woman" blog puts it:

"tucking sucks but the truth is if you are pre or non op and you want to pass, you are going to have to do something to hide your penis. Most women's clothing, even loose fitting clothes to some extent are not designed with extra room in the crotch [you need to] help make it both more comfortable and less noticeable."

Typically, this is achieved with rather.. harsh methods, such as duct tape, surgical tape, super glue, extremely tight undergarments, and more uncomfortable or damaging solutions, which are typically painful, and not good for your skin.


The opposite of this, for Trans Males, is called 'Packing', which is fairly self explanatory; rather than trying to hide the presence of something, you're adding the presence of something. For this, there are already a WIDE variety of products and solutions available.

However, for trans women, there are little to no product-based solutions for tucking.

Well, until now. Enter the 'Tucknit' Tucking Device.

This is a product we have thoroughly tested and reviewed before deciding to write an article on. We decided that the product does what it says it does, is durable, practical, useful, and fills a much needed gap in helpful products for the Trans community.

You can find the full line of Tucknit Products here:

Because of the sensitive and NSFW nature of the area the product is used in, we will not go into detail in explaining how it works, here, but rather, if you think this is something that might help you or someone you know, we encourage you to visit the aforementioned website and learn more!

However, we know that disposable income can be a big issue for the Trans community, so we have gotten in touch with Tucknit, and have secured you all a Discount of 5% on ALL products.

You simply provide the special code: "DMR" and you'll receive that discount, a gift from Digital Mayhem Radio and Tucknit, to help ease the difficulty in trying out this product.

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