DMR Top 20 Countdown Gets An Upgrade - Now Professionally Produced!

April 17, 2015 at 9:04 PM

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With mixed emotions, we are announcing that we are retiring the DMR-Produced 'Top 20 Countdown'. We started the Top 20 in 2010, as one of our first radio programmes, and it has been playing at 9AM and 9PM EST, every day since.

You may remember if you were a listener from the 'Dark Militia Radio' days, the Top 20 Logo started off as the Pony you see above, but eventually evolved into the human character you see behind it. This was used to put a face to the voice of the Top 20, and make a nice logo to represent it.

Speaking of Voice (no pun intended), We'd like to thank Lisa Darragh for lending her voice to our Top 20 Countdown over the past nearly 5 years, giving it a unique spin because of per personality and improvisation to keep our scripts new and fresh.


Why are we Replacing it? Well, a few reasons. We are a station staffed by volunteers, and as such we have limited resources. We have only one Producer/Show Manager to monitor/create all the countdowns, genre blocks, maintain Jade, quality assure DJ shows, etc. The Top 20 was simply not getting the attention it deserved as a result. We were only updating it once every month or so, rather than weekly as it should of been. Additionally, foul play by artists who spam ratings for their own music, were making it difficult to form legitimate song lineups. Finally, we feel that what we are replacing it with is superior quality, and is being done by people who are dedicating time to produce it.


What will play now? We have signed on a Syndicated Top 20 Countdown show, which will re updated EVERY week, and play at the same times, 9AM and 9PM EST, 7 days a week. The show is called 'US Top 20 .FM', is produced in USA, and counts down the 20 Hottest Tracks of the week. The change-over took place on April 17th, and the new Top 20 Show will begin airing April 18th onwards.

US TOP 20.FM.png

Please Tune In if you can, and let us know what you think of the new show!


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