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DMR Selfies From Around The World

April 04, 2015 at 2:00 AM

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Being in the mood of celebrating my (DJ Hel) 2 years as a DJ on DMR, I started thinking about how awesome it is to be able to contact different people from all around the world through a radio station. DMR currently reaches over 90 countries around the globe.


With that in mind, I decided to ask a few friends, and the DMR staff to share pictures of themselves, their pets or the places they live, so we can all see, and maybe even learn a little bit about each other.

We are all together as a community here at DMR, so why not share with each other this little snippet of our lives?

I also included a few pictures of my trips last year, which I hope you will enjoy.


Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to share their images with us and let's keep on rocking!!

Pictures include a few states of the USA, as well as Canada, Holland, Mexico, Dominican Republic, China, Guatemala and Honduras. 

If you would like to include YOUR Selfie in this article, you can submit it to us using the Form below. Once we review it, we will add it to the article! 

If you guys like this idea and we get some participation, we will do this more often!

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1.  Nicholas 'Sev' Fallak, Station Owner. Photos taken in Ottawa, Canada at Parliament Hill, the Government Headquarters for Canada. March 2015
2.  Dustin from Denver, Colorado. Dustin is a listener of DMR, and his favourite show on DMR is Highway to Hell.
3.  Jeff Bordoloi, from India. Jeff is a Musician who has shared some of his music with DMR.
4.  Lucinda McCulley from Utah. Lucinda is a Public Relations Staffer for DMR, and a long-time Listener of the Station.
5.  Lorrene AKA Star Dust Cosplay from Ottawa, Canada. Lorrene has helped DMR as a photographer, and has written several articles for us in the past. These photos were taken at/around Parliament Hill.
6.  Michael Kline, Michigan, USA. Michael has been a DMR Listener since 2010, and is Second in Command of <The Dark Militia>, the WoW guild which inspired the creation of Digital Mayhem Radio.
7.  Rob, from Maarssen, Holland. This is an Outdoor photo of Rob's Dog whose name is Nigel. Rob is a long-time listener of DMR, and helps suggest song selections for Highway To Hell.
8.  Kevin, from Collinsville, Illinois, USA. Kevin is a Listener of DMR, and has helped out DJ Hel with song selection many times in the past. This is an outdoor photo of the view from his home.
9.  Brian Kroll from Long Beach, New York. Brian Kroll is from the band 'My Son The Bum', and contributes some of his music to DMR. Frequently featured on Highway to Hell.
10.  Cathy Revelez submitted this photo of herself, hiking in the desert heat, in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Cathy is a Guild Member of <The Dark Militia> (Guild which spawned DMR), has served as an Officer there, as well as having been a DJ for DMR!
11.  This selfie was submitted by Darren, Host of The Reality Check, an internet-based Audio Show which promotes Science and Critical Thinking. The Reality Check has been on DMR's show schedule since 2010, and we are proud to include it in our programming + we thank Darren for continuing to let us air his group's content on DMR. Darren is from Ottawa, Canada.
12.  This double-selfie comes to us from Justin Sane & Queen B from 'The Justin Sane Show'. The Justin Sane Show has been on DMR's Show Schedule for quite a time now, and they are loyal supporters of Independent and Local Music. They are from Bridgton, Maine, USA.
Here are my (DJ Hel) photos from my travels!
DJ Hel in Guatemala, China, Mexico, Honduras, and Dominican
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