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DMR Papercraft - Make Yours Now! (All You Need Is a Printer)

April 13, 2015 at 11:00 AM

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2015-04-06 13.33.03-2.jpg

As a Thank You to our Listeners, Fans, and Community for your continued support and participation, we are releasing a series of DMR Papercrafts! These are Coloured Outlines you print with a regular printer using white paper (you can print in Colour or B&W), then you simply cut along the lines, and glue or tape the folds together, to create this very fun Papercraft.

They make a great 'Desktop Ornament', Conversation Piece, craft for children, or even a unique way of promoting DMR as a Flyer. 

To start with, we are releasing two designs, the DMR Party Van:

2015-04-06 13.32.04-2.jpg

and the DMR Disc Jockey Jalopy:

2015-04-06 13.30.54-2.jpg

The DMR Party Van is for Beginners, and takes Under 10 Minutes to Cut and Assemble. The Disc Jockey Jalopy is Intermediate Skill Level, and takes about 30 Minutes to Cut and Assemble.

You can download the Outline Images below, then simply Print them using your Computer's Printer.

DMR Party Van Outline Sheet: Download Here

DMR Disc Jockey Jalopy Outline Sheet: Download Here


Once you've made yours, we encourage you to send us a photo of it, especially showing us where you put it / what you do with it! You can do so using the form below, so don't forget to come back! :)


What do you think of these Papercrafts? Is it a cool idea? Should we make more designs?  Let us know in the Comments Below!

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