DMR Music Spotlight - Hollywood Rain by Glitter Rose

September 22, 2015 at 1:33 AM

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8-time award winner Glitter Rose does it again with the release of "Hollywood Rain," the first single from the upcoming album Outlaw In Love.


Listen to “Hollywood Rain” here:


It's also available on Digital Mayhem Radio for Live Request:



September 18, 2015 – Los Angeles, CA - Glitter Rose is a southern rock artist, songwriter, and music producer originally from Ft. Worth, TX based in Los Angeles. With a 4-year gap between releases, GR's new album isn't just another album. Outlaw In Love is the materialization of a personal journey that is inspired by a more intimate side of the south-paw-rocker. 


GR has written for movie soundtracks, guest appeared on several albums, and earned eight music awards, including Album of the Year for her 2012 release Dead or Alive, Country Artist of the Year, Best Music Video for "Buda Negra," and Artist of the Year in 2014. 


"Hollywood Rain" officially hits online retailers September 17th and the "Hollywood Rain" music video will premiere September 30th on www.youtube.com/glitterrosemusic. Go to www.thisisgr.com for more information.


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