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Coffee Vs. Tea - Battle Of The Beverages

February 24, 2016 at 6:00 PM

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One of the biggest debates in history that still exists to this day, is which one rules over the other, coffee or tea? Both are beverages people love and enjoy. Some would say their morning just isn't complete without a hot cup of coffee, or tea. Let's be honest; many of us can't function without these drinks! Which one is better for us though?

Let's start off with the origins of coffee and tea....

Tea was first discovered by the Emperor of China in 2737 BC, while he sat under a tree and was boiling some water. Leaves fell off the tree and landed in his water. He enjoyed the taste so much that he figured this must be a thing! However, evidence suggests that tea drinking may have been introduced from the southwest of China (Sichuan/Yunnan area). The earliest written records of tea come from China, though, regardless.

Coffee came to light at a much later time than tea. In the Ethiopian Highlands its believed that a boy was herding goats noticed how active his goats got after eating some berries from a tree. It was then discovered to be something to keep people alert.

What are some health benefits of coffee?
First off, coffee has been known to reduce the risk of dementia, as well as type 2 diabetes. It is also beneficial to people with asthma, as there is a higher caffeine content in coffee, and it can help open the lungs' airways. Additionally, the higher caffeine count is very helpful to people who have a headache or a migraine.

What are the health benefits to tea?
Black tea consumption may be associated with a reduced risk of stroke. A 2013 review of randomized controlled trials concluded that long-term consumption of black tea slightly lowers systolic and diastolic blood pressures. Additionally, tea contains caffeine which aids in reduction of headaches, as well as provides temporary energy to the body.


For more comparisons, and a different perspective, let's turn our attention to the following Infographic:




So which one truly wins in the debate Coffee versus Tea?

What Do You Think? Which is your beverage of choice? Tell us in the comments below!

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