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Clone High - One Of The Greatest Animated Shows To Be Cancelled (Op-Ed)

May 30, 2015 at 3:00 AM

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We don't often talk about Television Shows here at Digital Mayhem Radio, but there are times.. Times when you just have to make an exception.

That exception is Clone High. So, you're probably wondering, "What IS Clone High?"

Well, you see...

"Way Way back in the 1980's, secret Government employees, dug up famous guys and ladies, and made amusing genetic copies. Now the clones are sexy teens now, They're gonna make it if they try...."

Ok, yes we may have just quoted that from the theme song;

Maybe you want a more fact-based explanation, though?

According to Wikipedia:

"Clone High is a Canadian–American animated television series created by Phil LordChristopher Miller and Bill Lawrence. The comedy centers on a high schoolpopulated by the clones of famous historical figures. The show's central cast includes adolescent depictions of Abraham LincolnJoan of ArcMahatma GandhiJohn F. Kennedy, and Cleopatra. The series also serves as a parody of teen dramas; every episode is introduced as a "very special episode.""

That covers the basics, but, what made Clone High Special, or worth watching?

Many reasons, we would argue. The writing was intelligent, clever, full of puns and misdirects. The characters had depth, were unique, you cared about them, rooted for them. The animation was well done, it was a show that truly drew you in.

Don't get me wrong, it gets frustrating at times, you may even yell at the screen saying "Why won't he just realize she loves him!" or something along those lines. But that just means that they did a perfect job at getting you hooked into the show!

Here are a few of my personal favourite quotes:

"You don't know what you're getting into: and that's out of my friendship. And you know what hurts the most, Joan? This nail I just stepped on. But there's a metaphorical nail in my other foot, and it's from you backstabbing me. So maybe instead of a nail metaphor I should of used a stabbing one! But it's too late for that now, ISN'T it, Joan!"


"This is a sign, Joan! If you don't express yourself, you'll just keep saying "fine" when someone asks you how you are. And then one day someone will say "How are you Joan?" and you know what your answer will be? There won't be one. Because, you'll.. be.. dead."

and of course;

The show also featured frequently celebrity cameos and appearances, like Marilyn Manson, Tom Green, Mandy Moore, Ashley Angel, Jack Black, and more.

Unfortunately, Clone High was Cancelled after just one season. This was due due to controversy over the depiction of Gandhi in the show, which caused a Hunger Strike in India. Shortly after that MTV pulled the series, as it was also getting low ratings during it's run. The reviews of Clone High during it's run were mediocre at best, however since then, on the internet it has reached critical acclaim and has a cult following.


There has since been talk about a Clone High film adaptation, but no news on that has developed. The creators, Phil Lord and Christoper Miller (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, The Lego Movie, 21 Jump Street, How I Met Your Mother) have stated that due to rights issues, it would be rather difficult to get back on TV, but however are still interested in Clone High as a thing.


If it were not for the rights issues, this would be a perfect property to bring to Netflix Originals, or even Kickstarter as a Web Series.

Sadly, it seems we must live in a world where there is only a single season of this amazing show. However, you can still purchase the full season on DvD, or watch it on the Teletoon TV Network, or online where possible.

To close things out, I want to share a personal thing. About a decade ago, I first started watching Clone High, I had a girlfriend, and it was a big part of our lives. We loved it. We quoted it ALL, THE, TIME. One day as a little gift she drew for me a couple sketches of characters from the show. I tried my best to preserve them, and even now, a decade later, I still have them, and they're something I will always cherish. I'd like to share them with you now;

2015-05-30 03.33.18.jpg

2015-05-30 03.33.31.jpg

And that's why this article is an Opinion-Editorial. It means a lot to me.


Have you watched Clone High? What do you think of it? Do you have a favourite show that was cancelled?

Let us know in the Comments below!

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