We would like to draw your attention to a long-standing feature of Digital Mayhem Radio; our Song Ratings System.

Listeners can rate any Song, DJ, or Show that is currently playing on the station, with 1-5 Stars. The song rating affects how often the song will play, if it makes it onto any of our Countdowns, or if the song will remain in our database.

In order for the DMR Top-20 Countdown to change every week, we need to have a good base of listeners rating songs.

Unfortunately, we're currently not receiving enough ratings to provide a fresh countdown each week, and in other cases, songs a lot of people hate, are remaining on the station, with no ratings, whereas, if the songs were given one-star ratings, we would know to remove them.

The Ratings box (as displayed below), can be found on the Homepage, Tune In Page, and Chat Page.

You can rate each song one time. If you attempt to re-rate a song you have rated in the past, the new rating will overwrite the old one. This way you can always change your opinion if there was a song you used to love, but do not enjoy as much anymore.

If you listen to the RadioLoyalty Player, you can use the Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down system on the player in tandom with the 1-5 Star system. The Thumbs system is not monitored as closely, and does not impact Countdowns, but is a great way for you to earn Points, and helps us know what songs are being enjoyed or disliked.

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