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Bros Behaving Badly - Internet Conduct Edition

April 25, 2016 at 5:00 PM

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Category: Social Issues


I am not a feminist. I believe equality means equal rights and opportunities for everyone, not just females. Yet, sometimes I find myself needing to talk about some annoying male behaviours.



I will not refer to conduct which is driven by religious practices, which would be opening a Pandora's Box, where we could debate for days. What I will talk about, is male behaviours from those who claim to be decent men who have been raised in a supposed environment of freedoms and fairness for all.


Social media has allowed many humans to get away with bad behaviour since you are behind a computer or another device. People, who are usually shy, find a bravery that borders on insanity sometimes. They troll others, abuse, bully and give hurtful opinions to get other people down. Something that probably happens to them in what we call 'real life'.



There are others that bring their nasty; yes I said nasty, habits online. Examples…..catcalling, showing off male assets (which no one has asked to see), believing a woman should feel flattered because he thinks she has "nice jugs" or she must feel blessed, he, semi-god from Olympus, has granted her the grace of talking to her and expressing in a most crude manner his intentions to mate.


Why am I ranting? Well lately I have had to block and delete people on different social media. I get unwanted invites or messages on Facebook and Skype. Do not get me wrong, getting a hellos beautiful, or you look so pretty, is always flattering but when you get a lot of the following it gets kinda annoying:


  • hi there you look hot, like sex?

  • hey wanna cam on skype and see me touching myself?

  • hey you like my body?

  • getting an unsolicited dick pic

  • are you bad?

  • you like it kinky?

  • you suck?

  • ahhh and one of my personal favorites: fuck you, or fuck you bitch, or variation of it, when you do not answer them or let them know in a polite way you are not interested in their ding dong



Why men think it is acceptable to say these things to women they do not even know? Think if it was their mom, sister, wife or daughter it would be fun or acceptable? You would probably think it's young men, with a crazy hormonal rage doing this, but NO, it is young and older men. Men mature enough to know better. From all walks of life.


Editor's Note:We know of course it is not all men. Often in life the loudest ones are the most negative ones, while the good people are often not as vocal and visible. Shout out to all the amazing guys out there, and if you're one of them, we want you to give yourself a big pat on the back right now. Come on, do it! :)  Ok, back to the Article:



Hopefully someone that reads this will see the light and become a better citizen, if not, well at least I was able to rant my frustrations by writing about the rude dudes that hop into my social media. Till next time! Dj Hel.

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