Quick Facts

What -  DMR is an Internet Radio Station, for Gamers, by Gamers.

Who -  DMR is run 100% by Volunteer Staff from the Gaming Community, people just like you!

Why -  Gaming is a lot more fun when you're listening to music. Either on a long gryphon flight, or just grinding out some levels, Digital Mayhem Radio is here to entertain YOU!

When -  Digital Mayhem Radio broadcasts 24/7, 365 days a year!

Where -  You can Tune In to DMR by clicking the 'Tune In' Button on the Homepage or Nav Menu. DMR is also available on ALL Mobile Devices, via the "RadioLoyalty" app. Just install the App, then search for "DMR" or "Digital Mayhem".

How -  Running a radio station is extremely expensive, we can only do this through donations, purchase of DMR products, and through advertisers/sponsors.


DMR was established in 2010, and has been on air 24/7 ever since.


Listener Feedback

"DMR is The Best! It's not just a playlist generator, like those other guys."Douglas Bultemeier


"DMR = one of my favorite radio channels"Shawn Stephens


"DMR is one awesome radio station. Awesome songs, awesome staff!!!" - Lucinda


DMR, How Does It Work?

DMR is a community-driven music initiative, where the Station's library, song selection, and play frequency is directly influenced by the listeners themselves, through the act of Rating and Suggesting Songs, aswell as voting on surveys and polls that affect the Station's programming & Format.


Digital Mayhem Radio is custom tailored and curated music specifically for Gamers. Whether you're playing WoW, EVE, World of Tanks, Overwatch, or anything else, we promise to pump you up, and guide you to Victory!


Some people say "Why should I listen to Radio when I can listen to my own music on my iPod?" Well, there are a lot of reasons. Our music is selected and mixed based on so many factors, and is controlled by an Artificial Intelligence program we nickname "Jade", also known as the AutoDJ. Jade is designed to take into account over 15 different statistics when selecting music. Here are just a few: Song Weight, How new the song is, When the song was last played, when the artist was last played, Net Tuneouts/ins, and more! What this means is that the music on DMR is selected more intelligently than any iPod or music application could ever hope to achieve. You are constantly exposed to new and interesting music, but all within genres suitable for Gaming.